Specialty dentistry

The world of dentistry has changed rapidly over the past decade. Losing a tooth or teeth to injury or decay used to leave you with few options. Today, specialty dentistry enables you to have strong, natural looking teeth using modern technology and procedures.

While today’s dentures will never be the same as your natural teeth, they have come a long way. At The Tamarac Dentist, we understand your needs and have experts ready to assist you with your specialty dentistry needs.

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The Biggest Complaint About Dentures

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Taking care of our teeth is one of the most important aspects to having healthy teeth and gums, but some end up needing dentures. Those who wear dentures all share a common complaint. Dentures tend to slip, making them problematic for chewing, speaking, and other routine behaviors. Upper dentures are less troublesome as muscle tone and suction ensure better adhesion between the gums and the dentures.

Lower dentures are the real problem. The tongue holds a lot of responsibility in keeping the lower dentures secured. There’s also less bone for the lower dentures to grip. For many denture wearers, this becomes a problem. Coordination is needed to both use the tongue while also keeping the lower dentures in place. As a result, dentures may slip while eating or talking. Until recently, dental adhesives were the most popular method for getting dentures to stay in place.

Enter Denture Implants

Denture implants are a form of specialty dentistry that solve a lot of issues people have with dentures. The upper and/or lower denture plates affix to titanium posts that are surgically embedded into the jawbone.

Choosing a specialty dentist can be difficult, but at The Tamarac Dentist, we are a one stop shop for all your dental care needs. Whether it is a dental implant or cosmetic dental surgery you need, feel free to call us today for an appointment.

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