Sedation dentistry

Would it be great to not be terrified of visits to the dentist? For the longest time, a visit to the dentist has always been one of those terrifying things people have to do. In fact, so great is the fear that’s sometimes parents use it as a threat in an attempt to scare their children into taking care of their teeth. It might seem like a laughing matter, but the truth is that for some people, dental anxiety is a real thing, one that might get in the way of their ability to access the best possible dental care.
At Tamarac Dentists, we recognize the fact that this could be a problem for some of our patients, and always go out of our way to provide the most anxiety free services for our patients.

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Differences between now and the past

If you are one of those that has not seen a dentist in several years because of this anxiety, be assured that a dental visit nowadays is likely to be a different experience from what you remember. This fear comes from unpleasant childhood memories, and who could blame them. Today, though, the dental practitioners have recognized this and at Tamarac Dentists, we have equipment, experts and assistants who keep this in mind when dealing with their patients. Ideally, an anxiety free visit to the dentist should involve

An anxiety free dental visit

Choosing a sympathetic dentist: even with modern, state of the art equipment, ultimately, the success of the process depends a great deal on how the dentist approaches the exercise. This is why despite the fact that many clinics have the same state of the art equipment, our approach to the job at Tamarac Dentist makes us uniquely suited to provide sedation dentistry.

Visit the site: after finding the right dentist, it might be helpful to visit the site. Technological changes in the dental field now mean the drills that were feared are now less intimidating and noisy. Procedures that were nightmarish and painful are now relatively painless, with numbing gels and technology that delivers anesthetics without much fuss.

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At Tamarac Dentists, our Sedation dentistry aims to put the patients at rest. The first visit will likely be a consultative visit so do not expect much. Seeing how procedures are done and asking for clarification might be helpful in relieving some of the anxiety.

The appointment: sometimes, the time of appointment might be helpful in relieving the stress. Research shows that scheduling the appointment in the morning, when there is little time to dwell on the fears, is one of the effective ways to deal with anxiety. Consider taking a friend along for the appointment or having a trusted family member around.

What to expect from the best

Here are some of the sedation dentistry best practices you are likely to encounter at Tamarac Dentists:

  • The use of the highest quality topical anesthetics
  • Use of distraction techniques like puling or shaking lips as needles are slowly inserted
  • State of the art technologies and equipment focused on patient safety
  • Scientific knowledge and integrated multi-specialty treatment teams
  • Specialization in sedation dentistry and the use of new materials

When you make an appointment with Tamarac Dentists, you are committing yourself to safe and anxiety free dental service and practice.

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