Preventive Dentistry

For many people, a visit to the dentist only happens when there is a problem. The nature of dental problems is such that quite often, time is of the essence. For instance, when a child has their front teeth knocked out when playing on their bike, if the tooth stays out for more than thirty minutes, then the chances of the tooth being attached back properly reduce significantly.

A reactive approach to dental care is sometimes essential, but many problems can be avoided if only parents adopted a proactive approach for tooth care for themselves and their children. This is the gospel we preach at Tamarac dentist. We believe that dental hygiene is a matter of simple and consistent dental are, and not just waiting until there is a problem to visit the dentist.

Female patient with dentist and assistant in a dental treatment

For instance, one of the simplest procedures, often taken for granted by many when it comes to dental care is flossing. Every day, a new coat of plaque accumulates on the teeth and traps bacteria. Regardless of how well it is done, brushing does not get all the spots, especially those between the teeth and the edges where the tooth meets gum tissue. Flossing before or after brushing one’s teeth should be an active part of one’s dental hygiene.

The type of floss is never an issue; just choose with which you are comfortable. At Tamarac dentist, these are some of the lessons our clientele leaves with.

Advantages of preventive dental hygiene

Reduced costs: most of the time, the visible manifestation of the dental problem is the result of a problem that has been festering for a long time. When one finally sees it, it most likely has reached an advanced stage and is causing bleeding, weak gums and teeth or swelling. At this point, rectifying the problem will likely cost much more than it would have simply going for regular checkups and advice. At Tamarac dentist, our experts have the training and experience one would need to identify such problems before they get too problematic and lead, for instance, to loss of teeth.

Emotional well-being

It is not just a matter of physical health when it comes to dental care. Quality and frequent dental care means presentable teeth and a beautiful smile.

If for instance, plaque accumulates and the teeth get darker, most people find that they are not proud of how their smiles appear, and this ends up affecting their self-image and self-esteem.

How you feel is an enormous part of the process of building a positive self-image, and the smile is a big part of this.

Lifelong lessons

For most people, their thinking about dental hygiene has not changed from the old ways of their parents, because that is how they were brought up. Dental care for many was a family thing, with most people only ever knowing one dentist for as long as they lived with their parents. Being the impressionable lot they are, having a dental care practitioner that emphasizes regular preventive care is teaching the kids a valuable lesson that will stay with them and their children.

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