Pediatric Dentistry

They are called the pediatricians of the dental world, and deal with dental issues with children, straight from when they are toddlers to their teenage years. There are several advantages of choosing a pediatric dental professional over the general health practitioner:

Training and experience

They are normally trained and experienced when it comes to the needs and behaviors of children. Even at home, it gets difficult handling children and teaching then dental healthcare.

At Tamarac Dentist, Dr. Bussell will know how to calm the kids down and handle their unique problems, from issues arising from accidents, to those related to inherited or developed medical conditions.

joyful child in the dental chair

Good foundation

Most people have poor dental hygiene habits, many of which stem from habits they picked up growing up, mostly from their parent’s habits, or lack thereof. Taking a child to a specialized expert teaches them valuable lessons. They not only learn how to take care of their teeth, but learn the importance of doing so. If they develop the habit of ignoring issues with their oral health, these habits continue way into their adulthood, and might even be passed off to their children. The more the child goes to the dentist, the more comfortable they are about it, and this breaks the cycle and tradition of fear of dental visits. They start seeing it as something they should do rather than the scary rite of passage they have to go through. It is this understanding that often makes the difference for many kids when it comes to oral health. At Tamarac Dentists, Dr. Bussell and the team of experts believe in instilling these lessons to kids we see, right from their first visit.

As a parent you know how you handle your kids’ dental problems teaches them responsibility and makes a difference in their oral health. With this in mind, it is important to choose only the best. The rule of thumb for many is that as soon as the toddler starts developing their first teeth, it is time to call to schedule an appointment. Nobody wants trial and error with their kids when it comes to choosing practitioners. You want that one pediatric dentist you will stick with throughout the years as the children who will not only have but understand the history of the kids and their teeth, and always be available for those emergency trips. Tamarac dentist is in a unique position to provide all these and so much more.

The care we provide

child in the dental chair

Your kids will likely stick with the same pediatric dentist from infancy through to adolescence. Here are some of the services you should expect from the best:

  • Oral exams and cavity risk assessments
  • Repair of tooth defects and cavities
  • Preventive dental care: from cleaning and sealants to treatments and implants
  • Assessments of the need for orthodontic implants to straighten teeth or correct bites
  • Care of knocked out, fractured or displaced teeth
  • Assessment of normal tooth development
  • Management of dental conditions like short frenula and ulcers

Tamarac Dentists have experts uniquely placed to provide these and so much more, making us the ideal choice for all your pediatric surgery needs.

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