Tamarac Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ

Q. What’s the best way to clean dentures?

A. The first step s to rinse away loose food particles thoroughly, then you should moisten your toothbrush and apply your denture cleaner. Lastly you need to brush the entire surface remembering to scrub gently so that you avoid any damage.

Q. Why do teeth stain and get darker as a person gets older?

A. There are many factors that could lead to darker teeth as you age, one is that the build up of plaque can happen much faster as you grow older. There may also be changes in the dentin of your teeth that can make teeth appear to be darker.

Q.Why does my mouth seem dry?

A. Many seniors experience dry mouth problems. This is usually the side effect of some medications and can be caused by certain medical disorders.

Q.As a senior, am I more susceptible to gum disease?

A. The short answer is yes. There are several factors that may cause gum disease such as ill-fitting dentures or bridges, poor oral hygiene, poor dietary management, some medications, and other medical diseases.

Q. Why do I lose my sense of taste as I age?

A. As a person ages they tend to lose their sense of taste, this is just a natural part of aging that everyone will go through, as you age your sense of taste and smell will deteriorate.

Q. Do seniors have to worry about cavities?

A. Yes, seniors can also suffer from tooth root decay and can even be more susceptible to cavities.

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