Are You a Candidate for Implant Dentistry?

Do you suffer from any of these problems?

  • Slipping and cracking while eating?
  • Pain and irritation when chewing?
  • Fear of eating in public?
  • Feeling or looking older that you are?

Them you might be the ideal candidate for implant surgery. But even though implants are an effective solution to some of these issues, not everyone is automatically a candidate for implants even if they have these problems. Dental implants can help people with missing teeth regain themselves and their confidence. They also help preserve the strength and form of the gum and the jaw. Implants are a good decision when it comes to long term dental health. Still, they are not right for everyone. They have very specific requirements.

Bone density

The implant is not only for the benefit of the teeth and the smile the patient will have after the procedure. It affects much more than the external structure of the tooth. If one misses a tooth, after sometime, left with a space, the jaw structure might begin collapsing when it does not support a natural tooth.

Furthermore, implants are not additions like veneers and crowns which are added to the top of the tooth. They are supposed to fuse with the deepest part of the tooth, a process that takes between three and six months. During that time, the patient must be careful about what they eat, drink and their general hygiene. Anyone looking to have implants added must therefore have string bone density in their jaws. Individuals with low bone density will likely have to undergo further procedures to fix the loose implants. Sometimes, the implants might not even get accepted at all. In some instances, patients have required bone grafts before the surgery, but the success rates vary from one individual to another.

Pre-existent condition

It might be difficult having an implant fitted for an individual with a pre-existent condition like advanced gum disease. Smokers might also find it difficult to have implants fitted in. these situations reduce the success rates of the procedure significantly. Not all cases are the same though, and a thorough evaluation is needed before making a decision.

Healthy teeth are a gift that many people take for granted. After years of poor dental hygiene, many people find themselves cornered with the issue of poor dental health, having to lose a tooth or teeth. Dental implants are technology’s way of giving people a second chance, giving tooth replacement that feels as close to one’s own as possible, and last almost as long as the original would.

The history of implants started in the fifties when scientists noticed that titanium and some elements formed a strong bond with the bone. Today, there are patients that have had implants for more than 25 years and are still going strong. At Tamarac Dentists, we perform a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s condition before recommending an implant. We understand the need for implants, but must also balance it with safety and chances of success. Experts at our clinic do all we can to make sure our patients get the service they deserve. Make an appointment with us today!

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